Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Mele Kalikimaka! This year has been a year of trials, faith, blessings and miracles. My guess is that Heavenly Father really wanted to teach us about trusting him completely! And like the scriptures say, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8). Two big incidents were in finding an internship for Haans over the summer, and finding a job to support our family while he finishes school. Haans literally found his internship with Waikiki Health, the week before we would have had to change our school plans and postpone graduation and we are grateful Haans really enjoyed his experience. As for finding a job, after months of unemployment and lots of prayers and generosity of so many people, Haans found a great job the week before Thanksgiving with the State of Hawaii Ombudsman’s Office. We just need to remember that sometimes the Lord likes to wait till the “11th hour” to bring about his miracles.

Speaking of another miracle, Hyrum Lassen Endecott was born on November 16th. He was 6 days late which is right on schedule for me. Hyrum was a healthy 10.3 lb. boy! I still can’t believe I gave birth to a toddler! He is so handsome and sweet and it is so fun to see Haans interact with his first son. The girls love him too and can’t wait till he can play with them. He is now a hearty 13 lb. six week old. I defiantly will get some good biceps from carrying him around.

Evelyn is 2 ½ years old and she is still our spit-fire. She knows her own mind and is very independent. She is also full of fun and has a very contagious laugh. She loves to read and paint and is a very good friend to Charlotte. I love to hear them playing together and it helps me remember why I wanted them to be so close in age.

Charlotte is 4 ½ years old and has been my right hand during this long pregnancy (yes, 9 months is long) and as I adjust to a newborn again. She is so helpful at getting me diapers, cheering up Evelyn, helping Hyrum stop crying, and reminding me to not yell or get frustrated because I “just need to feel the gospel.” Charlotte is still participating in a homeschool preschool co-op group. She is still figuring out her letters, but loves to write her name and is really good with her numbers. She also took her first ballet class this year and is really good at improv modern dance moves.

Haans has one more semester at University of Hawaii until he has his Master’s in Public Administration. He is getting good grades which is awesome as he has had to work full-time and go to school full-time. We are super proud of him. He is enjoying his new job in downtown Honolulu and we will see what future adventures come upon his graduation in May. Haans is also keeping busy with his church calling as a primary worker to a class of rambunctious boys.

Although I was in the last stages of pregnancy during the hottest and most humid time in Hawaii, I am still grateful to live in a warm climate, although I greatly welcomed the winter rains where the temperature is a freezing 77 degrees. I am thankful I am able to stay home with our children, another miracle, considering we live in a very expensive state. I love taking my girls to the beach, pools and parks with our wonderful friends. I am still the Primary Chorister and love that church calling. It takes a lot of planning and energy but I love teaching our huge primary, and I enjoyed being part of our yearly Primary Program, even if I was 38 weeks pregnant.

We had a wonderful time in June hosting my immediate family when they came to vacation here on Oahu. We delighted in passing on our insider’s knowledge as we explored the island and the beautiful beaches. And we loved being around so much family!

We truly have had a blessed year full of many more miracles, and we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the greatest miracle of all, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy New Year!
The Endecotts


  1. What a beautiful family! I'm glad you are enjoying Hawaii! I don't know why Heavenly Father waits until the 11th hour sometimes, but glad you have been cared for this year...if a bit late.

  2. Thank you so much, I have framed it to put on my wall of family pictures, thank you. Love the picture.